Smiley Puzzle Girl Edition

Smiley Puzzle Girl Edition 1.0

Smiley Puzzle Girl Edition is a girlishly looking puzzle game (See all)

Smiley Puzzle is a puzzle game developed by SmileyGamer and made downloadable by The "Girl Edition" of the game is pretty much the same as the "Smiley Puzzle" itself, apart from some cosmetic changes in graphics (touches of lipstick and some eyelashes attached, nothing spectacular).

The puzzle retains the gameplay elements originally presented by "Chuzzle": there is a board with faces of different colors and expressions (faces of the same color have more or less the same expression). These faces are arranged in six rows and columns. The aim of the puzzle is to move rows or columns in order to match 3 or more same-colored faces with one another. The game includes 12 levels in total, and you move on to a next level after reaching a certain score. Time is an important element in the game. You will see a tube on the right - it is filled with red liquid that will decrease gradually with time. The game also offers different levels of difficulty, so it suits various categories of players.

The main limitation of the downloadable version of the game is that it is played in a small window that cannot be resized. But this hardly impairs the game, as unsightly as the latter is.

Marian Zaky
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  • Free
  • Easy to play


  • Far from original (not only too much like Chuzzle, but even the initial Smiley Puzzle itself)
  • Not exactly attractive
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